"My Mum has been a resident for over two years, and it is so ressuring to see her calm and happy in her environment. Thank you all."

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St John’s Winchester Charity'


We developed Moorside with the intention of providing high quality care for mentally frail older people, particularly those with dementia. The home is registered with the Care Quality Commission and has achieved the highest possible quality rating. Copies of our inspection reports can be obtained directly from the Commission or follow the link below. The majority of residents require nursing care, although some residential care places are available.

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Aims and Objectives

Prospective residents are likely to have any of the following conditions arising from organic or functional illness (although organic illness is likely to predominate):

  1. Confused behaviour arising from Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

  2. Mental disorder arising from other degenerative diseases or head injury.

  3. Depression arising from mental or physical illness.

  4. Paranoia

  5. Anxiety states.

The home has been purpose built with the particular needs of these residents in mind. There are three separate ‘clusters’ of rooms, each of which seeks to provide a smaller ‘home within a home.’ There is also a smaller cluster for short stay residents. Within each cluster the staff provide a comprehensive range of care in a homely non-institutional setting which allows residents as much independence as possible. We believe in holistic care for our residents which values them as individuals.

Individual care plans are maintained for all residents after admission and are reviewed regularly so that each resident’s care reflects their own individual needs.


The home has 27 bedrooms which are sub-divided into the three main clusters referred to above. There is a dedicated bedroom for respite care. Moorside won a design award for outstanding innovation when it opened in 1996.

Each room has a fitted wardrobe, and is equipped with a variable height bed and a bedside locker. Long stay residents are then invited to introduce their own furniture and possessions to give a personal identity to their rooms. Twenty-four of the rooms have en-suite facilities.

Each cluster is formed around an individual sitting room and dining area which serves the residents of that cluster. Great care has been taken in designing the building to aid orientation so that residents can readily identify their own rooms and the communal areas which support them. A bathroom serves each cluster.

Facilities and Services

We have a well equipped kitchen and care is taken in planning menus which reflect individual choice and dietary requirements. All laundry is washed within the home and dealt with in-house. There is a small hairdressing room and a visiting hairdresser, together with a treatment room for visiting doctors and chiropodists.

A regular programme of activities is organised for residents. A list of activities current at any time is always available. We believe in the great value of recreational activities and the encouragement of residents to participate.

The home has its own chapel which is available for use by residents, staff or visitors for prayer and peaceful reflection.

Admission Procedure

The charity is governed by a Charity Commission scheme under which it provides care for older people in financial and other need. Accommodation at Moorside is subsidised by the charity and therefore a financial assessment as well as a care assessment has to be made in respect of all applications for accommodation.

(a) Long Stay

All residents have to be admitted on the basis of criteria laid down by the charity’s Trustees and long stay applicants have to complete and return an application form. An assessment will be made of their needs and may involve a home or hospital visit.

In considering applications and prioritising these we pay particular attention to financial need and an applicant’s other needs which will involve considering the level of care provided by the home and existing care support. We have to give priority to residents in our existing housing and because of this the number of long stay places that become available is limited.

(b) Short Stay

One bed within Moorside is kept available for short stay admissions to offer respite or convalescent care, both for existing almshouse residents of the charity and applicants from the wider community. Subject to availability and liaison with Matron, these are usually available for periods of one to four weeks. Applicants for short stay beds have to satisfy the charity’s needs criteria as set out above. An application form has therefore to be completed. In cases of hospital discharge or acute admissions it is recognised that quick decisions can be required and applications will be processed as quickly as possible.


Charges are usually reviewed annually with effect from 1st April. There are two scales of charges, set at the rate at which Hampshire County Council purchases care. These rates are all subsidised by the charity and for 2016 are currently as follows:

Higher Residential Care -  £75.66 per day

Nursing Care – £83.85 per day

Assistance in payment of all, or part of, these fees may be available from Social Services and advice can be given about seeking financial support.

For an application form please go to our ’Contact Us Page’.

Registered Charity No 250926