Almshouse Accommodation

St John's Winchester Charity provides almshouse accommodation for needy persons of good character. Applicants must be over retirement age, be capable of living independently, and have a clear need for the extensive range of support which we provide.

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Almshouse Accommodation

Moorside Day Centre

The Day Centre is situated within our Moorside Nursing Home and operates two days a week, Mondays and Tuesdays. It provides supportive day-time facilities for elderly mentally infirm people in the community, predominantly those with dementia.

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Nursing Care Home for the Frail

Devenish House Nursing Home

Devenish House provides care for frail elderly people in a homely non-institutional setting. We believe in holistic care for residents which values their dignity and independence at all times.

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Nursing Care Home for Dementia

Moorside Nursing Care Home

Moorside provides high quality care for elderly mentally infirm people, particularly those with dementia. The Home has been purpose built and features three separate ‘clusters’ of rooms, providing a smaller ‘home within a home’ feel.

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Moorside Day Centre

Welcome to St John’s Winchester Charity (Registered Charity No 250926)

The Charity is a Christian foundation which provides sheltered almshouse accommodation, day care and residential and nursing care for needy older people. The Charity’s mission is to maintain the hope, comfort, tranquillity and dignity of all residents and to preserve and foster independence whilst understanding and supporting residents in the face of increasing frailty.

Founded as long ago as 931 we are the largest independent provider of care for older people in Winchester with 81 units of sheltered almshouse accommodation, a day centre, and two nursing homes.

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Our Services

Find out more about our services for needy older people across Winchester:

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Thursday 9th April at 2.00pm, Thursday 7th May at 10.30am, Thursday 11th June at 2.00pm, Thursday 9th July at 10.30am, Thursday 6th August at 2.00pm (which includes tea and cake with the residents of Christes Hospital), Thursday 10th September at 10.30am. Tickets can be purchased from Winchester Tourist Information Board (01962-840500). Full details of the tours can be read on       [...]


We now have available exciting volunteering opportunities with the Charity. Visit for full details.

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